Major Alpine tanker

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Alpine tanker

The Alpine tanker design is based on the contractor LGP specification, but with a dropped axle to give a low centre of gravity. This results in less ground pressure than standard axle tankers and minimal ground damage even in wet conditions.

There are three sizes available: 2150, 2300 and 2670 Gallons. As with all MAJOR tankers, the inside is baffled to prevent wave motions and improve operator safety.

Machine Specifications

Model: 2150ALP-LGP / 2300ALP-LGP / 2670ALP-LGP

Capacity (Gallon): 2144 / 2340 / 2670

Capacity (Litres): 9747 / 10640 / 12150

OA Length (Hitch to coupling ball): 6.5m / 6.8m / 7.4m

OA Width (Tyre dependant): 2.6m / 2.6m / 2.7m

OA Height (Add tractor hitch): 3.2m

Weight (Empty): 3856 Kg / 4130 Kg / 4300 Kg

Weight (Full): 13603 Kg / 14770 Kg / 16500 Kg

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