Major Contractor LGP Slurry Tanker

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Contractor LGP Slurry Tanker

The MAJOR LGP Tanker is a robust vehicle designed and manufactured with the larger producer or contractor in mind. The MAJOR LGP Tanker is unique in design, in that the barrel is supported by a separate chassis.

The position of the axle relative to the machine length means that a perfect balance is achieved with 80% of the weight running on the tanker’s axle and the remainder being carried on the tractor drawbar.

The tanker is baffled to prevent ‘wave’ motions during transport. It is mounted on wide support wear plates to spread the weight reducing tension and stress. 6” filler points are placed on the sides and rear of the tank. These tankers are painted the traditional MAJOR green finish as standard.

Machine Specifications

Model: 2050LGP 2200IND 2250LGP 2400LGP 2600LGP 3100LGP

Capacity (Gallon): 2050 2200 2250 2400 2600 3100

Capacity (Litres): 9319 10000 10228 10910 11819 14093

OA Length (Hitch to coupling ball): 6.9m 6.9m 6.5m 6.9m 7.0m 8.3m

OA Width (Tyre dependant): 2.6m 2.4m 2.6m 2.6m 2.6m 2.65m

OA Height (Add tractor hitch) : 3.3m 3.2m 3.4m 3.4m 3.4m 3.35m

Weight (Empty): 3882 Kg 4050 Kg 3920 Kg 4250 Kg 4350 Kg 4950 Kg

Weight (Full): 13201 Kg 14086 Kg 13630 Kg 15160 Kg 16169 Kg 19041 Kg

Ted Hopkins, St. Brides Wentloog,
Newport. NP10 8SR.