Major Disc Injector

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Disc Injector

The MAJOR 5.2m Disc Injector is a combined soil fertilising and furrowing machine with a working depth from 20mm (3/4”) to 60mm (2 1/2”).

A powerful Vogelsang macerator delivers slurry evenly through 40mm pipes. The slurry is inserted into slits created by the spring steel self sharpening cutting disks. The unit folds hydraulically giving a 2.4m transport width.

The MAJOR Disc Injector operates best in grass/stubble of a height between 60-100mm (2 1/4 - 4”). When working, the spring loaded discs create slits of 20-60mm deep which are completely filled with slurry. The slurry is only visible as narrow strips between the grass. The distance between the slits is 200mm (8”).

Disc steerage allows the operator steer around objects or obstacles. The MAJOR Disc Injector can be used in conjunction with the MAJOR Turbo Pump system. This unique pump acts as an inlet macerator insuring that all materials are finely chopped. For operator safety all wearing parts are easily accessable for maintenance.

Machine Specifications

Model: MJDI-5200

Working width: 5.2M

Transport Width: 2.4M

Weight: 1380Kg

Spreader Outlet: 40mm

Hydraulic Requirement: 50 - 70 litre/min @ 230 bar max

Spread Capacity: 10 - 30 m3 / ha

Working Depth: 20 - 60 mm

Ted Hopkins, St. Brides Wentloog,
Newport. NP10 8SR.