Major Trailing Shoe Slurry Injector

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Trailing Shoe Slurry Injector

The MAJOR trailing shoe sits close to the rear of the tanker for better weight distribution and is designed to fit any size tanker.

Slurry enters the Vogelsang macerator through the 4” bauer coupling and is distributed through the 40mm outlets. A large capacity stone trap is located under the macerator which collects debris. It can be cleaned out easily, without the use of tools.

The high tensile springs use the high carbon steel coulters to split the grass – allowing the slurry to run on the ground. The spring steel bars on the frame allow the outlets to follow.

The ExaCut Macerator is fitted with an integrated foreign body separator to prevent debris from blocking the outlets. It also contains self sharpening and self adjusting blades meaning reduced maintenance times.

Machine Specifications

Model: MJ80-640 / MJ80-700

Transport Width: 2.7m

Working width: 6.4m (20’ 11”) / 7.0m (22’ 11”)

No. of Outlets: 24 / 28

Outlet Width: 40mm

Ted Hopkins, St. Brides Wentloog,
Newport. NP10 8SR.