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For treating sidewalks and pathways etc., a Drop-Spreader is the ideal solution as this will ensure that the required area can be treated without flower-beds, grass areas or parked cars being damaged by excess salt.

Hugely popular with councils and local authority contractors for treating restricted areas in parks and public places. The new tractor mounted SnowEx SD series Drop-Spreaders in 170 and 400 litre capacities are equipped with a unique flow control system, offering ‘gate-free’ controlled material dispersal.

Gate-free material dispersement
Anti-corrosive polyethylene hopper
12-volt electric drive/transmission sealed unit
Variable-speed, self-diagnosing digital controller
3-point mount included
2-year warranty

Machine Specifications

capacity with working width of 1m: 400 litre

weight empty: 170.09kg

weight at capacity: 508.02kg

Spreading material: Bagged ice melters & bagged rock salt

Corrosion-resistant polyethylene hopper: Electric motor and transmission

Variable-speed digital controller: Top screen fitted as standard

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