BLEC Power Box Rake

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Power Box Rake

The tractor mounted BLEC POWER BOX RAKE is the perfect landscape construction tool for carrying out cultivating – earth moving – grading and raking. At the heart of the unit is a carbide pointed tooth rotor which contra rotates, pulverising and separating the debris from the soil, leaving a clean raked finish. The hydraulic bi-angling rotor windrows unwanted stones and debris and by folding down the side plates all the raked material can be gathered up. An optional laser kit can be fitted for accurate levelling and raking on sports turf areas.

Machine Specifications

Model: PBRH150 / PBR180 / PBR240

Engine/Tractor hp req: 30-60hp / 30-60hp / 50-100hp

Max working epth: 10cm / 10cm / 15cm

Rear adjustable castor wheels give accurate depth control:

lift up rear frame:

Hydraulic angling rotor rakes and windrows material:

optional laser control kit available:

Long life pointed cardbide toothed rotor:

rotor pulverises the soil and seperates the stones/debris:

Fold down end plates allow pbr to bulk move soil/debris:

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